In a world where smartphones are getting bigger, you might be wondering — why get an iPad?

Well, I have two reasons.

First, tablets like the iPad are the ultimate content consuming device. If you happen to read bookswatch videos on streaming services or listen to music, the iPad generally gives you a superior experience with its bigger screen, better speakers and battery life compared to a smartphone.

Second, tablets become increasingly good for creating content with the latest version of iPadOS, 14.0.1 finally supporting a full mouse and trackpad.

With an external keyboard and mouse, you can use it almost like a laptop. With the Apple Pencil, you can draw, take notes and even make music with it!

For example, my Seedly colleague uses the iPad and an Apple Pencil to sketch these relatable and funny SeedlyComics.

The apps for tablets are also optimized for touch, and that actually makes interfaces simpler.