Have you been seeing aunties shopping in jewelry shops recently?

Did that make you question “wa so many people no job, aunties so rich can shop there”?

Do these aunties actually know something that we don’t or are they anticipating high inflation?

In this post, I will attempt to unravel aunties’ secret and write about how the current macro environment will affect investing.

To start things off, I am neither a finance nor macro expert so whatever that is mentioned in this post is purely my opinion formulated from watching a lot of Youtube and reading FinTwit. It should not to be taken as any form of financial advice.

Firstly, what is inflation?

According to Investopedia, inflation is defined as:

… the rate of increase of prices for goods and services while purchasing power decreases.

Simply put, let’s say that it takes $1 to buy a banana yesterday. Suddenly, it costs $2 to