A little late this time in updating our StashAway holdings. We are already halfway through September?! Time really passes quickly. Little bun is going to be six months really soon and we will be starting her on solids gradually. Almost got into a car accident recently. Thankfully only I was in the car and there was no real damage, just some curb rash and maybe a visit to the workshop to ensure wheel alignment is still okay.

Okay, enough rambling. Onto the numbers.

I have been using StashAway since 2017 but the contribution has been on and off then. More recently, we have made it a critical component of our portfolio as it provides us exposure to the overseas market. We have 5 portfolios across 2 accounts as we like to set different goals with different timelines.

Statements as of 31 Aug:

Our total investment is $9,671.19. Our total gains for the month is $84.52.