Opportunity …. to Kio Durian.

Frasers Cpt Tr

On double barrel shotgun this few weeks as right after the return of investment into Mapletree NAC Tr, found myself needing to tap on my War Chest to buy into Frasers Cpt Tr. The opportunity came when the Reit price drops nearly 6% from $2.52 to $2.37 after the announcement.

“The manager on Monday afternoon announced an equity fundraising comprising the private placement and a non-renounceable preferential offering.”

In addition, this is discounting the price decline prior weeks from high of $2.72 that is almost 13% discounted price. So in term of relative price point is cheap. Did I really “Kio Durian”  ? Well that’s depend on perspective. I last sold my position at $2.07 for just 7 cents profit this year excluding trading cost in May’20. So ya, I am buying back at higher price.

Well, Sept’20 is very different anima