Which funds I have selected in my portfolio ?

Here are some generic criteria and principles on how I decided to construct a tailored robo-advisory portfolio:

Decide what should be the main equity vs. bond risk allocation i.e. 40/60 vs. 60/40 etc.

Evaluate if I am already vested in other robo-advisory portfolios or similar ETF and funds investment somewhere else. Decide if I would like to diversify out of my already existing investments. i.e. I invested in the U.S. stocks via StashAway so I might choose to exclude some of the U.S. equity exposure in Endowus.

Go through each funds prospectus at Endowus or third-party websites to find out what are the underlying investments inside each portfolio. Check out fund owners’ website i.e. Schroders, PIMCO or fund tracker websites such as MorningStar

Select the equity vs. bond funds that I prefer depending on my risk profile and funds’ risk