I do not like to talk about ongoing projects before I have everything confirmed,  but it’s not easy to contain my excitement over this.

Fresh after my talk in RI, a neighbourhood school has contacted me to see whether I can do a similar event for them. This is an important opportunity for the following reasons:

  • The school self-identifies as being in the lowest decile in academic performance, with Normal Academic students out-numbering express students.
  • 25% of students are recipients of financial assistance.
  • Some stories are quite difficult to swallow. These are not RI-level problems: A student dropped out to take on a role as a temperature checker to support the family. Another left school to cohabit with her boyfriend.
With a different demographic, so my slides have to be totally over-hauled.
There are a couple of ways to play this :
  • I was told that the students admire influencers and this may be a good starting point to pitch a presentation.