It is without a doubt that a university education is one of the most significant life investments someone can have in their 20s. A degree not only unlocks many doors within the corporate world, but it also builds your creativity, critical thinking and ability to work in teams.

However, the school and major that you select can make a significant impact on your return on investment which ultimately determines your ability to repay your student loans. Hence, the perennial question lies; Which business/finance-related degree in Singapore gives you the most bang for your buck?

1. Singapore Management University (SMU)

As of 2021, the tuition fees for SMU are as follows:

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Assuming that you are a Singapore citizen that is entitled to subsidized fees, you are expected to pay about $11,450 * 4 = $45,800 over the full course of a 4-degree undergraduate degree in SMU. The fees are the same regardless of whether you pursue a Bachelor of Accountancy or a Bachelor of Business Management (with further specialization).