You made it! You have made it either through the grueling A-levels or becoming the very best of your polytechnic cohort. We welcome you to the top 23% of students in Singapore. We also welcome you into the Wealth Management world of debt.

This article is jointly written with one of the finest young man I have met: Frugal Youth Invests.

The World Of Debt

How to be free from the burden of university debt (Source: Lenpezo)

University will be shell shocked for you. Especially, for Junior Colleague buddies out there. Your teachers won’t be chasing you for homework. You will decide what modules to study. You will have to do everything yourself. In the next 4 years, your financial life will be deciding on textbooks to buy, how to printing your lecture notes, how to save time and money from transportation, what kind of food to eat in school and perhaps how to survive in your student hostel.