Is it a match made in heaven or the start of a nightmare? On 29 September, unitholders of CapitaLand Mall Trust (CMT) and CapitaLand Commercial Trust (CCT) voted in favour of the merger between the two REITs. However, CMT share price fell from $2.00 on 30 September to $1.90 on 2 October. What on earth happened to CMT share price?

Capitamall Trust (CMT) share price in berserk form!

CapitaLand Mall Trust unit price in explosive form

Apparently, some investors were puzzled by the bearish form of CMT share price and wrote in to seek my insights. Hands on heart, I view the merger positively because it will lead to the largest REIT in Singapore and provides higher trading liquidity. The issue now is whether the acquisition takes place at the right time.

With CMT struggling to deal with the fallout from COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that CMT could be biting more than it could chew. In fact, on 1 October,