With more financial advisors taking to social media for marketing their services, CNA recently invited me to share a commentary on my views towards insurance for young adults who have just entered the workforce. You can read the full article here (click to head over to CNA’s website), but in the meantime, here’s a quick summary of key points I wanted to reiterate:

  1. Social media posts on insurance can be misleading

With young people getting their information from social media, insurance agents have also taken to Instagram and Facebook to market their products.

Many produce and share bite-sized infographics to artfully illustrated case studies. While these tidbits can be useful, they also can be potentially misleading when read without context.

For instance, I was alerted to a a recent Instagram post (a finance page run by a group of insurance agents) which talked about a 25-year-old male having $1.3 million in life insurance.