This article is written in collaboration with PolicyPal, a digital insurance broker licensed by MAS and licensed distributor of Etiqa. PolicyPal is running a limited promotion for users who purchase GIGANTIQ by Etiqa (GIGANTIQ) from PolicyPal that will let them earn up to 8%# p.a. in PolicyPal credits! Do read on for more information!

What is GIGANTIQ by Etiqa?

If you have heard of ELASTIQ which we have previously covered here, then GIGANTIQ is its older brother. In a nutshell, GIGANTIQ is a single premium insurance savings plan that offers A considerably high interest rate of 2% p.a. for the first $10,000 (for the 1st year) Any amount above the first $10,000 will earn you a decent interest rate of 1% (for the 1st year) No lock in period: Top up and withdraw anytime! Life Protection: Covered with a death benefit of 105% of your account value Capital