Well, well…. Would you believe it? Singapore Dividend Collector has turned 40!  It’s one of those milestones in life that happens to other people, isn’t it? It’ll never happen to me, for I’m still too youthful and sprightly. Ha! News flash! It has happened. Happy big 40 to me! (a few days ago) So, what the heck have I been up to then? Well, I recently made a rather large investment into Berkshire Hathaway B. This has been something I’ve been obsessing over for a long time, and I finally pulled the trigger at $212. According to my calculations, this is a decent price moving forward, considering Buffet, Munger and the rest create about a 10% return for shareholders. As always, this is a stock I intend to hold for a long time, and why not considering the quality of the businesses Berkshire owns, the amazing business culture there