So… Surprise! All year, I’ve been working with a group of Personal Finance advocates to close down a lot of unethical business.

Like. A lot. A LOT of unethical business and advertising.

Here’s why and what’s coming up.

Unethical Advertising and Consulting and The Lemon Law Video

Some of you may have noticed that Money Maverick has been producing video content as well. One of my videos – with no call to action on my part whatsoever – is tentatively titled ‘Lemon Law’. It will be released in the next couple of weeks. It is a warning to the consumer NOT to purchase Financial products that you see on 3rd party advertisements.

A 3rd party advertisement is usually a blind ad from a page that is only designed to toss out advertisements. You rarely often ever know who the consultant is, or whether or not the person even has a license, which company