Real retail investors on DBS. 

Time in the market or timing the market?  Either  one also NOT easy to do!

Investor A

Ex-colleague:  Heard you very good at investing?

blah blah

Ex-colleague: How is the market?

CW: Banks and properties are cheonging! DBS at record high!

Ex-colleague: Sianz! I sold my DBS @ $14+

blah blah

CW: I am still holding some DBS bought at $7+ since SARS time.

blah blah

Ex-colleague : When are you going to teach me how to make money?

Investor B
Last night; one ex-vendor and ex-colleague jio Uncle8888 for dinner at the famous Clementi Satay. Of course; when they have dinner with Uncle8888; one of the thing to talk about will be on investing.
This ex-vendor is amazed at Uncle8888’s decades of holding multi-bagger stocks and seriously he wanted to learn from him on