The luxury retail segment is always on the lookout for the new wealthy. And the lux horology seems to have locked their sights on the crypto rich.

Crypto has seen a multi-year bear market since its 2017 highs, but are now looking to ride a new bull wave in 2020. But, in the decade since Bitcoin burst onto the scene, it has turned quite a number of people into millionaires, and the luxury brands are keen to make an impression.

So here are a few luxury watch brands that have made special limited edition bitcoin watches, some of them even having the ability to hold a cold wallet.

Hublot Big Bang Meca10-P2P

Hublot, no stranger to collaborations and limited edition releases, announced in 2018 the Big Bang Meca10-P2P, an ode to both the Big Bang series as well as Blockchain technology.

It is also a beauty to look at.