How does it feel to earn $30,000 in a month at the age of 16 years old? It must have felt wonderful I’m sure.

Recently I came across an article which details this 16-year-old student, Remus Er, from Geylang Methodist School, raking in $30,000 a month from reselling sneakers. My first thought was – good job! Being involved in entrepreneurship at such a young age certainly brings about value in the later stages in life.

It also led me to think deeply what I would have done different at the age of 16 years old? Even though I was working part-time at WinterTime selling winter clothes to people at an hourly rate of $5.5/hour, it was no where near this teen entrepreneur, where he buys limited edition sneakers and sells them for a hefty profit as high as 3x the price he paid.

Source: Channel News Asia

The article mentions how he source for the sneakers, find avenues to sell them, markets them