I initiated a small long-term position in Frasers Centrepoint Trust (SGX: J69U) in Aug 2020 using my daily expense funds.

It was not part of my plan but the temptation of owning a stake in resilient sub-urban malls before phase 3 and subsequent recovery of the economy was too strong to resist.

Coincidentally, the price I nibbled is $2.34 which is the same as the preferential offering price. $2.34 is a fair price as it is near to the book value of FCT and previous preferential offering price of $2.35 in Jun 2019.

I just paid up for my entitlement and some excess of the preferential offering shares at the ATM to double up my small investment in FCT. I believe that its share price will experience further weakness and possibly drop further before making a strong wave up based on catalysts of either solid financial results or further improvements in the pandemic situation.