In a few more months time, my current package will be available to be repriced which was on package based on 2.38% Fixed for 2 years after which FHR8 + 1.88% (0.6%+1.88% =2.48%) where FH is the Period 8 months reference to the column above.

The current DBS Fixed Deposit is as follow.

Since May, DBS announced the FHR8 revision, my total loan repayment has not been reduced s it is fixed package and instead will increase to 2.48% if I do nothing.

What-if I Reprice ?

Per DBS website, home loan accounts are out of lock-in or will be out of lock-in in 3 months’ time are allowed to do repricing. I do not like floating package so will only look into the new reprice Flexi-Fixed package as follow. There is a re-price cost about $300 for Promo.

Fixed in years at 1.5% depending on the flexi-Fixed package which I am interested, follow by FHR24 + 0.9% = 1.8% thereafter. So should I go for 3 Year or 5 Year ?