Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by the Central Provident Fund Board. Although I am grateful that my 3-3-5 rule was endorsed by CPF 3 years ago, I am not obliged to return the favor by encouraging the public to deposit spare cash into their CPF account. All views expressed in this post are my personal opinions. Readers are advised to refer to the CPF website for details, or consult the CPF Board for decisions concerning their own account.

I became a Singapore PR under the Approval-In-Principle scheme the year I relocated to Singapore in 1998. My Singapore citizenship was approved four years later.

CPF was something new to me. Initially, I was not comfortable with it. CPF took away 20 percent of my pay and another 20 percent from my employer. Could you imagine if every month this 40 percent more salary was credited directly to my bank account instead?