Syfe recently raised US$18.6 Million in Series A Funding which is definitely a good piece of news. This is a lot more as compared to StashAway US$5.3 Million in Series A Funding but we do not know the number/percentage of shares that were traded for it. End of the day, these are signs/indicators that the company has the potential to continue to grow/survive as these venture capitalists/investors would not want to make a loss in their investment too. Anyway, you can read more about Series A, B, C Funding here – Series A, B, C Funding: How It Works.

Our Syfe Portfolio
Composition: 100% REITs
Dividend: Reinvest
Monthly Investment: $1,000

Composition: 100% Equities
Dividend: Reinvest
Monthly Investment: $500

Account Statement (Lifetime)

Our current tier is Blue (<$20,000). This is determined by the size of the portfolio (currently $8,019.86) which in turn determines the fees to be charged. The statement lifetime return is $1,319.86 which includes a $1,140 referral bonus. The actual lifetime return would be $179.86. Thanks to our readers for using our code!