It’s iPhone season again! If you’re looking to buy a brand new phone for yourself (in this economy?!) or to resell for profit, here are some cards you can use to maximise your rewards.

The iPhone 12 is really pricey, from the “lowest end” iPhone 12 mini going at $1,149, all the way to the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max going for a princely $2,299. While this is quite a chance to be earning cashback/miles, the high price tags also present some issues for the maximum capacities of most conditional cards.

Amex True Cashback + GrabPay Mastercard

Use for: Anywhere, max cap of $10,000 per month (GrabPay limit)
Rewards: 1.5% cashback (3% for new cardholders) + 0.8% Grab points

The Amex True Cashback card is the sole survivor after Mastercard and then Visa moved to reclassify Grab top-ups, rendering most cards ineligible for rewards. At present, the Amex TCB gives 1.5% cashback when you top up your Grab wallet, after which you can use your GrabPay Mastercard for your