Fastly (NYSE: FSLY) is a provider of an edge cloud platform, helping its clients deliver content much faster to end users like you and me. Investors in Singapore would have woken up to see Fastly’s share price down 27% to US$89.70 this morning.

Source: Google Finance What Happened to Fastly Share Price? Yesterday, after the US stock market closed, Fastly announced that it expects its third-quarter 2020 total revenue to be lower, in the range of US$70.0 to US$71.0 million, compared to its previous guidance of US$73.5 to US$75.5 million. It also withdrew its previously issued third quarter and full-year guidance. There were two reasons cited: 1) The impact of an uncertain geopolitical environment has caused the usage of Fastly’s platform by its largest customer not to meet expectations, resulting in a significant reduction in revenue from this customer. 2) A few of its customers