As a NSF myself, I am always interested in reading articles about finances meant for NSF or youth in general. I recently chanced upon an article by The Woke Salaryman. In the article, he shares about the best things one can do for themself during NS. Among what is shared, saving $10k by ORD is one of them. This is something that some, including myself, hope to achieve by ORD.

Many would wonder how can an enlistee save $10k by the end of service? This is especially so if one is an Admin Support Assistant (ASA) or Supply Assistant (SA) by vocation. I agree that it might be impossible to achieve this target but some did.

It has been 1 year 3 months since I enlisted in the Army in July 2019 and I have saved close to $10k. I am neither a combatant nor a specialist or officer. I