Let’s do a quick update on my SRS portfolio.

Dividends from UOB Bank


UOB Bank paid out $975 of dividends on 13 Oct 2020 and that brings the total dividends received to-date to $6,783.

Acquired 20,000 of Frasers Centrepoint Trust


The sale of Lendlease Global at 69.5 cents on 6 Oct seemed timely as it closed at 67 cents yesterday.  I will review whether I want to reinvest in this counter at a later date.

I have “redirected” the cash from the sale into 20,000 of Frasers Centrepoint Trust at $2.34. While FCT seemed to be valued fairly at close to its NAV, the earnings seemed more resilient as the shopping malls are located in suburban areas and are more reliant on local residents than tourists. In a post “Covid” world where working from home is more widely adopted, it is a trend that will benefit from the WFH movement.