If you want to receive Guaranteed Return without locking in your capital for long, you should consider a Short-Term Endowment Plan.

An endowment plan is the simplest form of investment. You pay a premium to the insurer who promises you a guaranteed return in a fixed number of years.

In the past couple of years, short-term endowment plans become very popular in Singapore. If you just want to earn a higher return than the bank’s deposits or Singapore Savings Bond and don’t want to invest in the stock market, you may consider the latest offer by China Taiping Insurance, i-Save (i-盈).

This is 3-year single premium endowment plan with 1.96% GUARANTEED compounded interest. If you put in $100,000, you will get back $106,000 in 3 years’ time, Guaranteed! It means for every dollar you put in, you get back 106% of it.

The benefits of this plan are:

  • Guaranteed returns of 1.96% p.a. for 3 years.