Felix Cheong: ” A good short story must have an eye-catching opening, can someone suggest an opening sentence to his short story? ”

I raise my hand

Felix: “Chris”

Me: “His nipples hurt.”

Something special happens when quantitative and numerical types get to collaborate with cultural and aesthetic icons. When software engineering meets fantastic design, you end up with a trillion-dollar company like Apple.

At a much smaller scale, I am firmly aware of my personal biases and relish any collaboration opportunity with artists or poets. But that is hard because personalities can clash and projects delayed indefinitely. Imagine the sparks that will fly if some collaborator-poet discovers that I want Donald Trump to win in November!

But something interesting cropped up during Phase 1 of the lockdowns.

Felix Cheong, who was my instructor when I signed up for his writing classes eons ago, asked me whether I would like to contribute to his project where fathers were invited to write a letter to their son.