If you’ve not heard of Google Pay, I’ve blogged about this previously where I shared I’ve earned closed to $70 in Jul. I’ve previously shared that the Google Pay promo will end in Jul but it is still ongoing. Since Jul till now, I’ve gotten extra $10+ from my weekly $10 transfers to my family.  Earlier, Google Pay was only available for OCBC users. Now that I’ve closed my OCBC accounts (story for another day), I’m glad that DBS has now partnered Google Pay! And just today, I received $6.59! Is it my lucky day today? 😍 This sure is a booster for dull Monday! If you’ve not signed up for Google Pay, use my link to get $5 reward!
Sign up for your Google Pay with my link here using mobile browser You’d be brought to the app store to download the Google Pay app or key in the referral code