I am sure you have already heard of SkillsFuture. It is a nationwide initiative to help Singaporeans upskill. However, that is not the only upskilling programme that the Singapore government has to offer. Recently, I have finished a course using another initiative, and I found it useful because it alleviates the financial cost. This article will explore CITREP+, which focuses on developing ICT skill sets in Singaporeans and PRs.

My experience in Hackwagon

I am currently on another course which is also covered FULLY by CITREP+ because I am a NSF. Previously, I had already attended DS101: Introduction to Python Programming by Hackwagon. I really liked the instructor and the content that they teach. It was very easy to follow. However, please note that this is just an introductory course. My prior programming knowledge was sufficient. Only during the course, then I realised I should not have started with this because I already possessed the necessary