Key financial thing I have done this month is to do Housing refund 50% to my CPF. Probably will completely pays it off before end of this year. From -2.5% to 4% that’s a 6.5% swing from cost to profit.

And this can be done electronically through internet which is what’s so amazing about today world. This boost my Pension quite a little for it to compound to age 65 producing a base monthly sum to my future retirement. Which comes to my next investigation on CPF Life.

CPF Life Retirement Study

While I was doing above, it strikes me how much should I put into my RA. Will doubling it provides me double monthly income at age 65 or more ?

As you can see from the estimator almost double. Probably slightly lesser if we try to be a little stingy about it.  The escalating plan is interesting to beat inflation but seems not for me as CPF is not my key dependency ( specific to me ).