The rental segment is an important part of the property scene. For most people, you would be involved in the rental market at some point of your life. It could be a situation where you are renting out your property for potential tenants or you could be looking out for a good place to rent while you are switching between properties. In this article, I will deep dive into the analysis (comprising trends and comparisons) in the rental market for private properties (condominiums) based on the URA caveats lodged between January and August this year.

A total of ~54,000+ caveats for rental contracts (private condominiums) are lodged with URA from January to August this year. If you break it down into a monthly view, this is what you will see.

On average, you have ~6800 rental contracts lodged on a monthly basis during this period. While there is a dip in the number of rental transactions in May (during the Circuit Breaker