Nanofilm Technologies International Limited (“Nanofilm” or the “Company”)  is offering 77,236,200 shares for its IPO on SGX. The Company is a leading provider of nanotechnology solutions in Asia. 3,861,900 shares will be available for public subscription and the remaining will be placed out. The offering price is $2.59 per share and the market cap is $1.7 billion.

The IPO will closed on 28 Oct 20 at 12pm and start trading on 30 Oct 9am.

Key Business Units

The 3 key business units are as follows:

Financial Highlights

The Company is showing very strong growth with revenue growing at a CAGR of 17% and Adjusted EBITDA at 15%. The EBIDTA margin is pretty impressive at close to 40%.

I am not sure if you have heard about the Rule of 40 in the software space. You can read more about the Rule of 40 here. Using the figures from page 44 of the prospectus, revenue growth for FY2019 is 16.3% and the net profit margin is 21.4%.