1 October 2020, all Singapore residents between 30 to 40 years old will start paying premiums from medisave and be included in this Careshield Life.  To start things with, the definition for payout is on “Activities Of Daily Living” (ADL) as shown below. In this analysis, I’d be sharing points why AVIVA MyLongTermCare may be better to increase your coverage for long term care needs. Careshield life provides amounts from $600/m which is insufficient for nursing home cost and barely sufficient to employ a maid.  I’d be comparing vs NTUC INCOME CARE SECURE which is an alternative plan and highlighting four key differences. Key Difference 1: AVIVA MyLongTermCare payout is for at least 3/6 ADL AVIVA MyLongTermCare pays for 3/6 ADL only. This means it requires one more ADL for claims as compared to MyLongTermCare Plus and NTUC INCOME Care Secure. However, it also means cheaper premiums.

Key Difference