Ah, Donald Trump. What can I say? I honestly cannot remember a more controversial sitting US President if there ever was one. If you remotely follow the US news cycle, it is almost an endless barrage of controversies about President Trump.

As you can imagine, with the US Presidential Election just around the corner, things have really kicked up a notch of late. As I was going through my daily digest of news, I revisited an article by the New York Times that was published a few weeks ago on President Trump’s tax returns. This got me thinking, about quite a few things that I can relate to as an investor – specifically on the US taxation system (and loopholes) and also the business psyche of US companies.

I believe, there are several insights that we can glean, which may prove to be informative for aspiring investors in the US stock markets.

I will illustrate these learnings by drawing comparisons with ZScaler Inc. (Ticker: ZS), a high growth tech company.