I’ve previously shared about my 8 sources to get a decent passive income here.

Broadly, it’s due to:

  • Stock dividends
  • Savings accounts such as Etiqa and Singlife
  • Surveys
  • Selling items

I shall not repeat my sharing as you can head over to my link 😉

Since May till Sep, I’ve been getting $500-$900 passive income. Though I must add that it has been long since I cash out my survey (check out milieu app – see point 6) as I need a sizeable point + I dont have much to sell on carousell now.

Given the current economic situation, interest rates have been dropping. On one side, it’s good news for my housing loan as I’ve changed to a bank loan; but on the other hand, as I’m cash-heavy, I don’t have much platforms to park my cash.

So earlier, I’ve only park $10k in Singlife to earn 2.5% interest. I decided to up it to $100k to enjoy 1% on the next $90k.