I am pretty sure this news has gotten people from both countries excited given the fact that it is one of the citizens top pick locations for leisure travelling annually.

Though the actual date of the launching of the travel bubble is still under discussion, here might be some things that you need to consider before hopping on to the bandwagon.

Some questions you may wonder about COVID19: Do we need to do a swab test before/after travel?

You will have to do a swab test if the doctor suspects you have COVID-19.

Covid-19 test is FREE for all people in Singapore if you are referred by a registered doctor.

If you have been in Singapore since before 27 March 2020, Covid-19 hospitalisation is FREE for all long term pass (S-pass, Work permit) holders.

However, from 17 June 2020, 2359 hours, all inbound and outbound travellers who enter or leave Singapore will be required