At the risk of sounding too privileged when I say this, but one of the dilemmas I face sometimes is when I order a meal at a fast-food restaurant.

My finger will hover over the touchscreen as I calculate in my mind whether this upsize is worth it and asking myself these questions:

Source: Giphy

Will the food be enough? Will I be full with the main meal? Will this affect my ability to retire early?

But trivial #firstworldproblems aside, I’m here to discuss a more serious issue and answer some questions you might have about CareShield Life.

Is the basic coverage from CareShield Life enough?

Should you ‘upsize’ your CareShield Life coverage with supplements that can raise your payouts by up to five times?

Which of the supplements from Aviva, Great Eastern or NTUC Income is best for you?

As always we got you!