So Endowus launched their Fund Smart platform recently.

And I genuinely mean it when I say Endowus Fund Smart is better than the other options out there.


You’re leaving money on the table if you use FSMOne or a financial advisor / bank, instead of Endowus.

Basics: What is Endowus Fund Smart?

Endowus Fund Smaris a platform where you can invest in funds and unit trusts.

It’s the kind you would usually buy off FSMOne, or a financial advisor from Great Eastern.

But – Endowus Fund Smart is actually way better than either FSMOne or a financial advisor, in my view.

The best features of Endowus Fund Smart are:

  • Amongst the Cheapest Fees in Singapore
  • Pre-Selection of Funds
  • Projected volatility and returns
  • Multiple Funding Sources – Cash, CPF and SRS
  • Full control over Rebalancing

1. Amongst the Cheapest Fees in Singapore

This to me, is the biggest advantage of Endowus Fund Smart.

It has the lowest fees in Singapore.

Why it’s so cheap,