With economic damage and financial market volatility, people in Singapore are still worried about their job security and their future more than ever. With so much uncertainty in the current environment, how can anyone even begin to think about planning for retirement? Is building millions in your nest egg a pipe dream or a real possibility?

In this session co-hosted by Loo Cheng Chuan (Founder of 1M65 & entrepreneur) and Sam Rhee (Chairman & CIO of Endowus), they discussed:

0:00 Introductions

8:16 Endowus offering as a fee-only, independent digital wealth advisor

14:00 Importance of Financial Safety Net/ Iron Dome

20:35 The power of compounding leading to 1m65

27:03 Being a CPF multi-millionaire

31:15 Tips on how to be a CPF multi-millionaire

37:55 QnA Part 1

41:10 How property investment stops us from being a CPF millionaire

45:30 Diversifying out of Singapore investments

57:40 Why timing the market is impossible