Dear Readers,

Notice of EGM hereby issued. The company seek the mandate to go beyond 10% of the holding in overseas market. As SillyInc expand the radar, It is quite likely that Hong Kong Exchange counters will exceed 10 percent of porftolio very soon.

Singapore will remain the core and majority of the portfoilo for years to come. Beyond Hong Kong, Silly Inc has made a maiden investment in AT&T and might invest further if the price is right, so it is very unlikely that SillyInc can be a pure local player

Some of the Hong Kong Counters vested

1) Lonking 3339

2) HSBC 0005

3) SinoPec 0386

4) GA pack 0468

5) Cosco Ship Int 0517

Those in watchlist include

1) APT Satellite 1045

2) Stella Holding1836

3) Ping An Insurance 2318

4) ICBC 1398

5) Tracker Fund 2800

US companies will play a second fiddle to Hong Kong Market. Silly Inc Board of directors wish to assure readers that the company is not looking to chase the tech giants,