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Read? Touchstone or Sardine?

Since COVID-19, Uncle8888 has been searching for the next batch of Touchstone; but Sardine or Bloody stone can also be picked up! Uncle8888 is NOT investment Guru!

Bloody Stones – Pain in the Ass!!!

ComfortDelgro : Bought @ $2.01 (2)

Round 12 : Bought Olam @ $1.48

50-50 Bet On Temasek Not Walking Away

Singtel : Bought @ $2.90

Sardines or Touchstone?

DBS @ 18.78, 19.68 and 20.65

SGX @ 8.21, 8.48, 9.08 and 8.78

Wilmar @ $4.16

Keep buying and selling until One day down the road when Touchstones become too obvious to ignore!

It has been Buy, RIGHT, and hold for long term Panadols transforming to Golden Eggs after Point X like those pervious Touchstones!