Hey everyone!

What a long and painful week it has been for most of us. Markets experienced the worst drop since March 2020, and I do believe most of our portfolios are in the red right now.

Given that the US elections are only 3 days away, this volatility is expected to continue. It will probably get even worse if their results are in some form of doubt on November 3rd, soo buckle up your seatbelts everyone. We are in for a long and bumpy ride.

That said, I have been pumping some of that spare cash I kept into the markets the past week, and recently started a new portfolio with recommendations from various advisor services. I have thus been adding to many of my positions in tranches, and expect to further add in the coming weeks ahead. The goal is to hold about 5% cash by the end of November, and then re-rotate the cash again from there if the thesis changes.