I was recently interviewed by Timothy Ho, co-founder of the personal and business finance online knowledge portal Dollars and SenseThe interview is part of Dollars and Sense’s #MyFirstLoss interview series. With permissionI’ve reproduced my conversation with Timothy here. We covered a number of topics, such as the losses I’ve made in investing, and why I decided to start The Good Investors with Jeremy. You can  head here for the original interview.


Timothy Ho (Timothy): We always start this column with the same question. Do you remember the first time you made a loss in your trades? #MyFirstLoss

Chong Ser Jing (Ser Jing): I remember all the losers in my portfolio. My first-ever transactions in the financial markets were made in October 2010 for my family’s investment portfolio, and they were the purchases of six US stocks. Even back then, I invested with the mindset of a long-term business owner. I saw, still see, and will always see, stocks as partial ownership stakes in actual businesses.