As of 31st October 2020, the STI index had lost 24.9% year to date.

We are once again in the market cycle where fear and turbulent times are over-riding investors’ sentiments towards the market.

In fact, a Bloomberg news article reported last week that Singapore and Thailand are two of the worst-performing market in Asia with the two markets down 24.95% and 24.96% respectively.

Singapore, being an open export-oriented economy, struggled to find its feet under the radar after a soft reopening in the economy fails to spur up buoyant in the market.

For the older investors that have been around in the market for a while, this isn’t something new that they’ve encountered in the market.

Let’s take a look back at how STI performed in past global recessions and how it managed to bounce back.

STI Market Performance (1987 – 2020):

Singapore is a mature open state with a focus on productivity in manufacturing and an export-oriented economy.