Read? 52,000 Singaporeans earn less than S$1,300 a month: Zaqy Mohamad to WP’s Jamus Lim in discussion on minimum wage

Despite this, Mr Zaqy asked Dr Lim to spell out WP’s minimum wage standards.

“Could I just confirm once again that the Workers’ Party’s S$1,300 minimum wage benchmark is gross income so that we could settle this and come to an understanding?” he said.

Dr Lim at first said that was correct and a “fair characterisation”, but later said that WP’s stand was for the S$1,300 minimum wage to mean take-home pay.

Hmm …  based on WP’s definition of minimum wage of $1.3K take-home pay!

Present batch of CPF OA1M65 in 2021/2022 can depend on passive income from their CPF up to 3 times of minimum wage from 65 to 88

CPF OA initial withdrawal at 4.5% giving $3.8K per month and adjust for yearly inflation at 2.5% from