Ant Group IPO has been halted! Does it have problem with the Chinese government or does it present us more time to understand the company?

Is Ant Group an overhyped? Ant group announced that it would want a market valuation of USD $200B and later raise it to USD $313B. In the latest valuation I can find, Ant is going to be listed at HKD$80 on 5 Nov 2020. It will be listed on Hong Kong and Shanghai and will be the largest IPO of all time. We aim to find out if Ant Group is an valuable company to invest in.

Disclaimer. Please read. To set the context right, in the 6 Levels Wealth Karate, investing in an excellent business at an overvalued price is a lousy investment idea.

Is Ant Group An Overhyped


Ant Group is started as Alipay created by Alibaba in 2004 as a payment tool of online market place