I had good lessons in geography this week, learning more about the US states than before. Now I can point out Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin pretty easily. Lol.

I actually have visited a few states over the years – California, Arizona, Illinois, New York and New Jersey! That is not including Washington D.C., which is not a state.

In any case, I am going to pop champagne (hopefully tomorrow). Trump is pro-business and of high entertainment value. His poor moral values, ethics, lack of empathy and down-right dishonest and rude just make him unfit to rule. It also highlight what a poor state United States in and you can see it from the way they handled the pandemic.

Thank you for the high entertainment value and CNN became my most watched channel this week. Anyway back to the subject of today’s post.

I bought 50,000 UMS Holdings at 94.5 cents on 3 Nov this week