Mapletree Industrial Trust recently acquired the remaining 60% interest in 14 Data Centres in the United States. With Data Centres being the next big thing, being heavily leveraged on because of the huge tech industry that is growing even bigger day by day. Let’s look at 4 key takeaways from the 1H2020 Results of Mapletree Industrial Trust to see how the REIT is doing post acquisition.

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  1. Consistent Growth in Gross Revenue and NPI
1st Half 2020 1st Half 2019
Gross Revenue S$202.456 million (+0.5%) S$201.447 million
Net Property Income (NPI) S$160.254 million (+1.5%) S$157.908 million

As we can see, Gross Revenue grew slightly year on year by about 0.5% with the overall NPI growing 1.5% year on year. Though the numbers might seem small, I want to talk about something that is missing in this segment.