I have been busy lately, lots of things happening at work and in my personal life. Anyway, here is a quick update of my portfolio..

SG listed stocks:

  • Sold Sasseur REIT at $0.76, 17% profit
  • Sold JB Foods at $0.58, 16% loss
  • Sold Silverlake Axis at $0.31, 3% loss
  • Sold SingMedical at $0.25, 10% loss

Took all these money and converted into stablecoins to earn yield on Celsius Network.



  • AAVE: Migrated from LEND token in a 10:1 reverse split. These new tokens can now be staked on AAVE protocol for some yield.
  • RUNE: Unstaked my RUNE from RuneVault and staked in BEPSwap. I think I swap my USDT for BUSD in order to stake my RUNE in the BUSD pool.
  • HEGIC: A new DeFi protocol for purchasing ETH and Wrapped BTC call/put options. I also do believe that HEGIC will have massive potential due to “first mover” advantage and the lack of alternatives in the DeFi space.