What a turbulent one past month of volatility in the worldwide investment scene.  Local SGX receded till another low point during the last week of October 2020 and many feared a repeat of the March 2020 stock market crash. But with the sudden Pifzer announcement on 9th November 2020 of a 90% effective and relatively safe vaccine to be ready by December 2020, stock markets worldwide suddenly rallied and roared back to life upon opening today with more certainty that COVID will be defeated and that the devastating economic lockdowns caused by the deadly virus will be no more in the foreseeable future.

  1. Selling off most of investments during October 2020 “to wait” for second stock market crash
    One of my friends who invested hundred of thousand of dollars in stocks, told me in late October 2020, that he has sold off all his stocks while waiting for the SGX to crash further in November 2020 in view of the European countries economic