Is Value Investing Dead?

Value Investing Is Dead Or Maybe Not: Warren Buffett (Photo From Market Watch)

In the 6 Levels Wealth Karate, I talked about the importance of creating a superfund income. We do this via investment. Right now, there is a fierce debate on whether value investing is dead. To all value investors, we know that price is an important component of value. That’s why we’re called value investors. I challenged The Moss Piglet on his investment thought process and we want to share with you if value investing is dead or not.

In one of his recent blog post, he opined that it is time to update our approach to value investing for a changing world. In this article, he would elaborate more on his view of this new paradigm of value investing.

Brief History of Value Investing

The father of value investing was Benjamin ­Graham. He gave birth to this term roughly 100 years ago.